Why WaterPartners
Have you ever done a water project which was more than just the sourcing of a single process unit? In that case most likely you have done it yourself, via a consultant or using an integrator.
If you have done it yourself, chances are that you needed to get in depth knowledge of water treatment, which isn’t your core competence. Besides, after your quick course, you might have a solution, but chances are that there are better ones out there.
Using a Consultant is an easy way to get competence in your project, but at a cost. And although the Consultant defines the solution, he will typically not take responsibility over his work.
An Integrator will bring you the solution and supply you with the required installations and take responsibility. But they typically do not make the installations themselves, and have only a general knowledge of how they work. They do however put a significant mark-up on the installations for their sales and general costs.

WaterPartners is formed by small companies that all are suppliers of parts of a solution, combined we can bring the whole. Combined we have a company with a revenue larger than 10 MEur, have 80 FTE, a workshop, service capabilities, engineering-, project management and contracting expertise, basically everything you can think of required to do projects of any size. We bring domain expertise to your table and take responsibility over our projects without the overhead that Integrators require. We do not have expensive and slowing ERP systems that control our day-to-day lives, nor do we have poured in concrete like terms and conditions. We think on our feet, are flexible and take our responsibilities.