In 2013 three entrepreneurs in water treatment came together for a lunch. One was a good salesman, but had nothing to sell. One was had a good product, but needed to be larger than he was in order to take on the projects. One had a good product and a proper sized company, but was stuck in a shrinking market. We decided to join forces, and the aqua innovation network was formed. The salesman would represent all, the small company would cooperate with the larger one in order to be able to land larger projects, and the proper sized company would be supported to bring it’s goods to other markets. We took on some other partners and some representations of technologies, and started approaching the market. We would share leads, combine efforts in projects that needed items from the other’s portfolio, and define possibilities for innovations.

The message to the market was simple: do not buy from integrators but directly from us. Thit way is cheaper, better and more fun. The clients loved it, but some considered the risk to be too high to deal with various contractors. The largest partner had an entity that was not being used called Waterpartners. We decided this to be the entity that we would use for all combined efforts to the market.

Our goal is to service the water users in the Benelux (and abroad) in a better way, by combining our capabilities.